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(Student feature film, 2013)

Fantasy Filmfest 2013, Official Selection
Max Ophüls Prize 2013, Opening Film
Prime Time Award, Winner
Bernhard Wicki Prize 2013, Nominee
German Trade Union Federation Prize 2013, Nominee
Int. Filmfest Emden 2013, In Competition
Biberacher Filmfest 2013

Germany, 2016: After the collapse of the European Union, Germany descends into chaos. All social systems disintegrate, forcing most of the country’s population into poverty. Police special investigator Alex and his partner Sophie are investigating the DNB Bank chairman Rainer van Kampen, whose devious speculations have plunged thousands of small investors into financial ruin. Despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt, van Kampen’s powerful position and political connections protect him from prison. To make matters worse, Alex’s sister has committed suicide, giving in to despair over her imminent eviction by the DNB Bank. Plagued by guilt and unable to stop the bank’s predatory systems, Alex realizes he must attack them outside the law. Still a cop, he begins playing a double game, recruiting criminals he had placed behind bars. Together they rob branches of the DNB, hack into accounts, expose financial fraudsters and then distribute their loot among the poor. While people on the street call him Robin Hood, the authorities declare him a criminal. Sophie is investigating, unaware of Alex’s crusade – or his love for her.

Directed by Martin Schreier
Written by Martin Schreier and Florian Schumacher
Produced by Sebastian Sawetzki, Katrin Goetter, Nico Hofmann
Director of Photography Markus Nestroy (
Cast: Ken Duken, Dagny Dewath, Matthias Koeberlin, Stipe Erceg, Thomas Thieme, Vinzenz Kiefer

Language: German
Runtime: 100min.
Film Format: Arri Alexa
Aspect ratio: 2,40:1
Principal photography: February 2012, 33 days
Budget: 960.000€
Produced by teamWorx Television & Film GmbH for ProSieben in association with Venice Pictures and Red Arrow International
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