ROBIN HOOD will be screened at Fantasy Filmfest. We are honored to be officially selected as the only German film by the Festival. Martin and the cast and crew will be attending most of the screenings. Check out the website of the festival for show times.
August 2013
Another one of the most acclaimed newspapers in Germany DIE WELT wrote a great review of ROBIN HOOD.
July 2013
"Schreier made a hard hitting thriller with a lot of action, spectacular stunts, striking music
and impressiv visuals that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end."
Read the article online (German only) or in our news archive
The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) one of the biggest newspapers in Germany did great story about ROBIN HOOD, Martin and the screening at German Film Museum. Click on the newspaper to read the article (German only).
July 2013
July 2013
ROBIN HOOD was invited by the German Film Institut to be screened at the German Film Museum. The screening was a huge success and Martin did a great Q&A. The German Film Institut says:
"... a furious spectacle... already the acme of the new German genre film"
Read the article online (German only) or in our news archive
May 2013
ROBIN HOOD was screened at the 24th International Filmfest Emden in competition. Martin and the actress Dagny Dewath had a great time at the festival.
"Director Martin Schreier’s modern version of Robin Hood is clever
and well-told as a fast-paced and socially conscious thriller."
ROBIN HOOD was nominated for the Bernhard Wicki Prize and for the German Trade Union Federation Prize for especially socially committed films.
January 2013
ROBIN HOOD had the great honor to be the opening film of Germany's biggest national film festival the 34th MAX OPHÜLS PRIZE. The film was the first student film to ever open the acclaimed festival.

Michael Ballhaus recieved a lifetime achievement award during the the opening ceremony.
Watch some television reports and interviews about the film and the festival
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September 2013
ROBIN HOOD has been selected by the SAN DIEGO FILM FESTIVAL and will be screened Oct. 3rd 08:00pm at the Reading Theater (701 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101).
September 2013
ROBIN HOOD was a big success at Fantasy Filmfest. Audiences loved the modern version of the old legend. You can find some great reviews below.
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Jan 2015
April 2014
ROBIN HOOD was selected by the FANTASPOA Film Festival. The film will be screened in Porto Alegre in May. FANTASPOA is Latin Americas biggest genre and fantasy film festival.
Martin directed the new musicvideo of Germany's superstar CRO. Watch "Cro feat. Dajuan - Meine Gang (Bang Bang)" on Youtube.

Expect a huge announcement for Martin's next feature film soon.