DREAM FACTORY - July 4th 2019 in Cinemas Winner of the Golden Henne 2019 - Best Actress Emilia Schüle TRAUMFABRIK is the first film of the newly founded production company Traumfabrik Babelsberg and the first in-house production for Studio Babelsberg in over 20 years. Director Martin Schreier tells a magical love story against the backdrop of the oldest film studio in the world, featuring rising stars Dennis Mojen in the role of the inventive and deeply in love Emil, and Emilia Schüle as the enchanting dancer Milou. Other roles are played by the likes of Heiner Lauterbach, Ken Duken, Nikolai Kinski, and Michael Gwisdek. Production: Traumfabrik Babelsberg, Studio Babelsberg, Tobis, Pantaleon, Arri Media, Herb X, Sam Film Length: 128 Min. Picture Format 2,35:1 Anamorph Sound: Dolby Atmos Budget: 8.050.000€
OUR TIME IS NOW - October 6th 2016 in Cinemas Closing Film ZURICH FILM FESTIVAL 2016 OUR TIME IS NOW is a German comedy by Martin Schreier from the year 2016. The main roles are played by Peri Baumeister, David Schütter, Marc Benjamin, as well as Til Schweiger and the rapper Cro. The film revolves around an ideas competition for Cro's cinema film, announced by Cro himself, and its realization with the three winners of the competition. The film was released in German cinemas on October 6, 2016. Production: Warner Bros., Mr. Brown Entertainment, Chimperator Films, Barefoot Films Length: 118 Min. Picture Format: 2,35:1 Sound: Dolby Atmos Budget: 5.000.000€
ROBIN HOOD - WINNER PRIME TIME AWARD Opening Film MAX-OPHÜLS PREIS 2013 Robin Hood is a German film from 2013 with Ken Duken in the lead role as Robin Hood. It is the first modern version of the well-known heroic saga in film history. The thriller opened the 34th Max Ophüls Preis Film Festival on January 21, 2013. The film was realized within the framework of the cooperation agreement with the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Film Academy Ludwigsburg, and teamWorx. This film is Martin Schreier's diploma film, for which he was awarded the "Prime Time Prize" in 2010. Production: UFA Fiction, , Venice Pictures, Pro Sieben, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Length: 96 Min. Picture Format 2,35:1 Sound: Dolby Digital Budget: 1.000.000€
Student film 3. Year - Student Academy Award nominee
Student film 2. Year - In Competition Max-Ophüls Preis
Student film 1. Year - Audience Award Kinoproba Jekaterinburg
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ONE NIGHT OFF - 2022 on Amazon Prime Video First German Amazon Original Film The 24-year-old music enthusiast Noah (Emilio Sakraya) is a new father, but hasn't quite settled into his new role yet. When his girlfriend Marie (Milena Tscharntke) has to travel for one night, he finally gets the chance to prove to her and to himself: A night alone with a baby is absolutely no problem. However, Noah hadn't counted on his friend and total chaos-magnet Baumi (Helgi Schmid): He informs him that, precisely on this night, their beloved club is opening its doors for the last time before it gets demolished – it's a must-attend event! Going to a concert with a baby – impossible, right? But Baumi convinces the young daddy. When Noah finally reluctantly agrees, he has no idea that the craziest night of his life is about to begin, where one catastrophe chases the next.
Production: Rat Pack Filmproduktion Length 105 Min. Picture Format 2,35:1 Sound Dolby Audio 5.1
„The pinnacle of German genre cinema.“ - The German Film Institute